Plop Dave Barry down in the middle of Jerusalem with the age-old wisdom of Shalom Aleichem, and you have French Fries in Pita. Funny, insightful and soulful, Keinon peeks inside an American-Israeli’s daily life and extracts the elements – both poignant and hilarious – that make all our lives worth living.

David Brinn, managing editor, The Jerusalem Post

Keinon proves he is more than just one of Israel’s best diplomatic reporters. He is also a keen and witty observer of immigrant life in Israel. Keinon’s light-hearted humor resonates with veteran immigrants,—=== and gives future immigrants a glimpse of the wonderful roller coaster ride that awaits them in Israel.

— Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the United States

Keinon is a wise journalist who spends most of his professional time providing non-alarmist coverage of Israeli diplomacy. But once a month he pens a more personal article, and suddenly we get Keinon transformed. His columns are little pearls of laugh-out-loud humor. Read this book and you’ll learn a great deal about what life in Israel –is 0000 really about. You’ll also quickly grow very fond of Keinon.

— David Horovitz, Editor, Times of Israel

Keinon has produced a rare book about Israel – one that will first make you smile, and then nod your head in recognition of a home truth you’ve probably never quite articulated to yourself. This collection of ruminations – whimsical, wise, insightful, and often moving – is a delight.

—- Abraham Rabinovich, author of The Yom Kippur War and The Battle for Jerusalem

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