Over the span of a nearly three-decade journalistic career, Keinon has given hundreds of speeches around the world about various aspects of Israeli diplomacy, politics and society to numerous different organizations, synagogues, churches, universities and tour groups.

In addition to talking about the bread-and-butter diplomatic issues — the peace process with the Palestinians, Iran, the changing Middle East — he also speaks about the settlements, haredim and the state, Israel’s relations with the world, and coverage of Israel in the media.

He generally travels abroad on lecture tours twice a year — in the spring and autumn — and is open to invitations. In addition, he often speaks to groups visiting Israel. He can be contacted at hkeinon@gmail.com

Lecture Topics:

Is it as bad as it appears: A non-sensationalist look at Israel’s current state of affairs, from Iran to Gaza, Obama to Abbas

Between a rocket and a hard place: How terror has changed Israel, its politics, the Zionist dream and the path to peace

What, me isolated? A look at Israel’s relations with the nations of the world, from Brazil to Bulgaria, Russia to Rwanda

French Fries in Pita – A personal look at the quirks and charms of life in Israel, based on Keinon’s new book of the same name

Israel at 68: Is this the child we prayed for?

The Obibi epoch: A look at Israel-US ties in the age of Obama and Netanyahu

The Great Settlements Debate: 40 years of settlement history in 30 minutes — the changes, the differences, the stakes

Haredim and the State: Has the IDF draft issue brought about a tipping point
Israel and the Press: Why it is so difficult for Israel to get a fair shake in the media?

Thirty years of covering history: Tales of an Israeli journalist

Israel’s Sunny Side: Lone Soldiers and Sustaining the Zionist Dream Under Darkening International Skies –  a lecture based on Keinon’s book: Lone Soldiers: Israel’s Defenders from around the World


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